Cherry Hills Village Real Estate

    Cherry Hills Village is a Denver suburb seperate but close to the larger Denver suburb known simply as Cherry Creek. It is just easy of Englewood and west of I-25 and Cherry Creek. Cherry Hills is known as one of the most affluent areas in Colorado and in the entire country. The 2000 census showed that 96% of the population was white with less than 2% Latino which is a very low number for many parts of Colorado. The median income per household was an astounding $230,000+. You had better have a pretty penny and be determined to live the highlife to fit into these neighborhoods. Yes, the homes are extravagant and many of the streets are gorgeous but of the cost you could have a huge property in the mountains with a river and a private golf course. I guess it depends on if you are rich and love the city.

    The Cherry Hills Country Club is renown and hosted two PGA Championships, supposedly the classic Arnold Palmer iced tea and lemonade drink was named at the country club.

    Cherry Hills is part of the Cherry Creek school district and the district has a very strong record of excellence. There are also numerous prestigious private schools. St. Mary’s Academy is an all girls high school where Condoleezza Rice attended.